Primary 3 & 4

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Primary 3 & 4


Aye Aye Captain!

This term we have been learning about all things pirate.

From learning pirate facts to reciting pirate poems, making our very own ships, chests and treasure maps to creating a colourful display for our classroom…we’ve done it all.

On Tuesday 27th June we had our very own dress up Pirate Party….we even made Mrs Reavey walk the plank!


We’ve had a swashbucklin’ time learning about this topic and hope you enjoy looking at our photos.

The Homesick Pirate

There was a homesick pirate,
His name was Danny Dunn,
Last night in bed he made a wish –
He thought it would be fun
To hop aboard a pirate ship
Instead of going to school.
I don’t know why, I guess he thought
It would be kind of cool.
But now he’s going to and fro
Across the Irish Sea
When all he wants is to go home
And settle down to tea.
They hoist the Jolly Roger
And they drink their jugs of rum,
But it isn’t quite as Danny thought:
He’s crying for his mum.
He didn’t know they’re dirty
And he didn’t know they stank
And the pirates keep on threatening
To make him walk the plank.
There’s droppings in the porridge
And no mattress on the bunks;
There’s lice in Blackbeard’s beard
And there’s sand in Danny’s trunks.
Everyone has scurvy
And they scowl with snaggled teeth;
There’s beetles on the top deck
And the rats live underneath.
So next time that you make a wish
Heed what I say, it’s true:
Young Danny hates the pirate life
And so, I think, will you


Fort Evergreen

In April we went to Fort Evergreen on a class outing.

It was a fab day all round and we all had lots of fun, including the teachers.



Amazing Animals

This term we have been busy learning all about different types of animals.

We each picked an animal and got very creative with some paper squares in order to make some bright and colourful collages.

We have also been doing some research and fact finding on our favourite animals.

We used the information we gathered to create power point presentations and animal profiles cards for our classroom display.


Autumn Art

Whilst we were on our walk we also collected lots of different Autumn leaves, seeds, conkers and berries.

We used chalk pastels to create lovely Autumn pictures.


Natural Vs Man-made materials

As part of our new topic we are learning about our local area and different materials.

We went for a walk around the community on the lookout for as many natural and man-made materials that we could find.

We were so inspired by our walk that we recreated it in a beautiful display for the whole school to admire.


Primary 3/4


Welcome back to our new Primary 3 and 4 class.

We cannot wait for the fun and learning during the year ahead!

P3 4 Sept 2016


Thank You

A big thank you to all the children in Primary 3 and 4 for the wonderful surprise party organised for Mrs Reavey and Miss McGrath last week.

Also thank you to all the parents who sent lovely goodies in for us to nibble on, they were delicious.

It was a very well kept secret and we all had great fun!

DSCN1762 - Copy


Our School Community

Earlier in the year the Primary 3’s and Primary 4’s painted some portraits of people who help us in our school community.


Sports Day

On Friday 5th June the sun finally made an appearance which meant sports day could go ahead.

We all had a brilliant day!



We have been learing about Tessellation in class.

A Tessellation (or Tiling) is when we cover a surface with a pattern of flat shapes so that there are no overlaps or gaps.

In small groups, we used a variety of different sized shapes to make our own patterns.


We also designed our own tessellation patterns for our maths display.



As a homework project, the P3’s and P4’s made their own Castles to link in with our class topic.

Here they are showing off their fantasic work. A lot of time and effort was put into each castle and they all look wonderful.

Well Done Everyone!


Easter Bunny Hunt

The Easter Bunny made a surprise visit to the P3 and P4 class today and hid yummy chocolate treats around the playground for us to find.


Blue Day!

On Friday 27/03/15 our school held a blue day to help raise money for Trocaire.

We lined up in the playground in metre long intervals and passed buckets of water to eachother in order to represent the water pipes that will be purchased with the money we raised.

It was a great fun and we raised lots of money for a good cause.


The Solar Eclipse

On the morning of The Solar Eclipse we were all very excited. Luckily it was extremely cloudy outside, which meant our class had the chance to go outside and have a quick glance at the eclipse, before coming in again to watch the total eclipse live online.

It was fascinating to watch!


Our Trip to Tesco!


On Tuesday 3rd March our class visited Tesco in Banbridge and took part in their Farm to Fork programme.

Cathy, Lauryn and Adam showed us around and whilst there we were allowed to visit parts of the store that customers don’t normally get to see:

  • We got to go inside the huge fridge and the freezer…it was extremely cold!
  • We looked around the stock room, saw where the deliveries come in and some of us even got to see a lorry coming into the yard.
  • In the Bakery we got to see bread being cut, the hot oven where the bread is baked and we were able to sugar our very own doughnuts.
  • When we visited the Fish Counter we saw lots of different types of fish and even got to hold some of them, including a crab and a whole salmon.
  • At the fruit and vegetable section we were slpit into our pairs and played a game called the rainbow game, where we had to find items that were different colours.

Our class really enjoyed this trip as we got to learn more about where the food we eat comes from and had the chance to taste new things that we hadn’t tried before!


Saint Brigid


Throughout the month of February we have been saying a special prayer to Saint Brigid.

We each helped to decorate and design Saint Brigid and her cloth.




Our class were very creative for our winter topic and really enjoyed getting messy with paint, glue, materials and lots of glitter!

We split into groups and made various pictures for our Winter Wall. Some children made robins from different pieces of material, others cut symmetrical snowflakes and added glitter and the rest made lovely winter trees with paper and glue.

Everyone also made a beautiful silhouette rooftop painting by sponging different shades of blue paint onto the background, using black to add the buildings and finally adding some snow to finish it off.

Our seasonal tree display was decorated with glistening icicles made from finger paint prints and glitter.

Our Winter Wonderland Wall looks wonderful!

 We also learned that all snowflakes are different and that no two flakes are the same. In order to help demonstrate this we used our bodies to make snowflake freeze frames in varoius patterns.


Fun in the Snow

Everyone was delighted when we had a few days of snow and it meant our class were able to get out and have lots of snowy fun.

We made lots of snowmen, snow castles, snow angels and even had a snowball fight with Mrs Reavey and Miss McGrath…we really enjoyed it!


Light and Dark

As part of this topic we have learned lots of things about Light and Dark, light sources, aswell as learning different facts about nocturnal animals.

We also studied the book ‘The Owl who was afraid of the dark’ and made our own model owls and oil pastels pictures.

Things we now know about Light and Dark include….

  • dark can sometimes be scary for children
  • owls love to come out at night
  • a light bulb gives us light
  • light helps us see in the dark
  • dark is necessary-Plop found that out also!
  • the moon gives us reflected light
  • dark is fascinating-wonderful things happen during the night
  • the sun is the biggest source of light
  • the star make shapes in the sky, we found out about Orion the Great Hunter

We also learned the meanings of a lot of new vocabulary, including the words transparent, opaque, translucent and shadows.

We really enjoyed learning about this topic and loved getting creative with different materials.


Bake Sale

We also held a Bake Sale in our school as part of Maths Week.

In our class we made some yummy, gooey, sticky traybakes using rice krispies, marshmallows and white chocolate. We learned alot about measuring and weighing the different ingredients that we needed.

We also added some edible gliiter at the end to make them really special…they were delicious!


Maths Trail

As part of Maths Week we went on a maths trail around the school.

We had to hunt for different 2D and 3D shapes, solve maths problems and count different colour cars to make a tally chart.

It was great fun!


Making Toast

As part of our topic on Change we investigated the changes that happen to bread when it is toasted.

We discovered lots of things:

1. The bread that was soft, changed into crunchy toast.

2. The bread changed from being white into a nice golden colour.

3. The change was permanent and irreversible…we could not change

the toast back into bread.

4. The bread went from being cold to being warm toast

5. The toast was YUMMY!



Our class went for a nature walk around the school and collected lots of different Autumn leaves, seeds and berries.

Inspired by what we had gathered,  we used them to help us create lovely Autumn drawings and leaf rubbings.

Our seasonal tree display was finished off with painted handprint leaves in a range of rich Autumn colours and some of the dried out leaves we had picked.

We think it looks fantastic!


September 2014

 At the start of the new school year we had lots of blank space on our classroom walls so we decided to paint a mural.

We seperated the wall into squares and we each got to design our own square however we wanted.

It was great fun getting to paint onto the wall and the finished mural really brightens up our classroom…we love it!