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About Us

St. Colman’s Bann is a Catholic Maintained Primary School for girls and boys aged 4 -11 years, which was opened in May 1984 to replace the original building adjacent to the school. The original building has now been modernised to house Laurencetown,  Lenaderg and Tullylish  Pre-school Play-group and Community Centre, from where many of our beginning pupils transfer, having established strong bonds with their peers.


We have enjoyed a steadily rising enrolment over recent years, increasing from 81 pupils in 2006-07 to 126 in 2016/17.


Our infant department is separated from the senior classes by a large sports/assembly hall (also used as a dining room). The senior part of the building contains an open planned library/resource area and staff/medical inspection room.  P.1-2 have 2 well contained and safe outside play areas adjacent to their classrooms, while the older P.3-7 children have a large playground area at the other side of the building.


Mission Statement

Inspiring, Believing, Achieving

St Colman’s Bann Primary School is committed to inspiring a love of learning through stimulating and engaging opportunities in an inclusive environment. We believe in nurturing the abilities and talents of every child, fostering respect, confidence and creativity.  We aim for every child to achieve their full potential in becoming confident, successful young people equipped for a multi-cultural and technological society.


Statement of Aims

To realise our mission statement, the following aims have been agreed by our school community:

  • To create a happy, safe and stimulating learning environment
  • To provide a relevant and challenging curriculum in which pupils will be encouraged to persevere and strive to achieve the highest possible standards 
  • To develop enquiring minds with a motivation to learn
  • To promote the development of self-confidence, self-respect and self-discipline
  • To promote the importance of healthy lifestyles and a respect for the environment
  • To help pupils develop values, beliefs and attitudes in keeping with our Christian faith and to develop a strong sense of community showing tolerance and respect for others
  • To prepare pupils for the responsibilities and opportunities that arise through life in a multi-cultural and technological society


Good teamwork and positive partnerships between pupils, staff, governors, parents and the wider community underpins our Statement of Aims and is essential in order to realise our mission statement.