Maths Week 2017

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Maths Week 2017


Dear Parent or Guardian

To mark Maths Week, 14th October to 22nd October, all homework will involve practical and fun tasks. Each class will take part in a number trail around the school and prepare tray bakes for our Cake Sale on Friday 20th October. Please make this a week when you can help your child develop their numeracy vocabulary through these fun activities.

You can also find some fun activities on

We hope that you and your child/children will enjoy the practical tasks involved in preparing for our fund-raiser.

Practical homework tasks for all classes week beginning Monday 16th October.

Monday: Discuss what you would like to make for the bun sale and find a suitable recipe. Tuesday / Wednesday: Collect your ingredients. Thursday: READY STEADY BAKE! Good luck – BREAK AN EGG! Friday: Bring in your tasty treats.

Bring all buns/tray bakes/cakes to school on Friday morning. Treats will go on sale after assembly on Friday morning. All proceeds for school funds. Thank you.

Mr. Darragh Tighe

Baking and the development of numeracy skills. Some ideas when baking: Baking and cooking is a great way to develop early numeracy skills. During such activities there are plentiful opportunities to weigh, measure, recognise numbers and develop mathematical language such as heavier, lighter, less than, more than. Your child can even have an opportunity to handle money when buying ingredients. Encourage your child to feel how heavy a bag of sugar or flour is to develop the concept of 1kg. Feel how heavy or light the ingredients might be. Encourage your child to weigh out the ingredients. Remember to weigh in grams.

Count ‘How many’ bun cases, eggs, chocolate buttons etc. might be needed. You could cut biscuits or buns into shapes with cutters to develop shape recognition. Discuss how long it might take to make your buns/cake, or even how long they might take to bake in the oven.